The Panhandle Regional Planning Commission (PRPC) is honored to have the opportunity to work since the programs origins with the state-mandated Regional Water Planning efforts in the Texas Panhandle. The PRPC, through the Local Government Services (LGS) Staff, provides many services in the area of Regional Water Planning. Through years of experience in the water field, LGS staff has developed expertise in water planning, water law, groundwater modeling, and availability/demand analysis in order to better serve the regional water planning effort.

The PRPC has been involved in Regional Water Planning since the inception of Senate Bill 1 in 1997. Senate Bill 1 mandated that the state of Texas undertake a comprehensive water planning process designed to assist water users and providers in planning for and meeting future water demands and needs. That process was delegated to the regions throughout the state to accomplish. The Panhandle Water Planning Group (PWPG) has contracted with PRPC to provide administrative, financial, and management services since its inception in 1997.

Additionally, HB1763 in 2003 required that Groundwater Management Areas (GMA) comprised of the Groundwater Conservation Districts within the region plan jointly to establish a Desired Future Condition (DFC) for the major aquifers within a region. The GMA#1 has contracted with PRPC for administrative services for over two years as the group moves towards meeting its legislative mandates.

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